Fifa 13 Crack and Game Review

FIFA 13 Game review

In 2012 year one of best game that has been released by Ea company is definitely FIFA 13. This game is much better than previous version its not that much difficult to play and it let you more time to enjoy in game, i know that some of you think that its bad thing because game is not that much difficult to play but trust me when you start playing Fifa 13 you will change your mind. One good thing that i have found is FIFA 13 crack with that you will be able to try and play FIFA 13 for free.Anyhow today i wanna show you one really good article that i have found at internet where you can read really nice review about Fifa 13 and i will put one video as well which will help you to find out how and where to start. I hope that you will enjoy playing FIFA 13 like i do.

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Unless you’re on the wage of your average Man City moolah-hoovering merc, dropping £35 on a new title isn’t exactly spare change. So the prospect of shilling out for two reskinned versions of FIFA 11 twice in the same year isn’t exactly the most fiscally savvy prospect. Clearly, EA hasn’t taken this into consideration, because there isn’t a single new feature in FIFA 13 from its pocket-sized predecessor. All you’ll find here are updated kits and squads. This is glorified DLC in bank robber’s clothing.

You can forget FIFA 13’s exciting new on-field updates. So long, First Touch Control. See ya, Allan McInally’s shouty Scottish goal updates. Sayonara, Skill Games. You can’t even settle for FIFA 12’s revolutionary changes, with Tactical Defending and the physics-focused Player Impact Engine yet again missing Vita FC’s bench. This is simply a handheld version of a two-year-old game. So welcome back torpedo tackling on X while you simultaneously release the Sky Sports News-style bells and whistles of recent career modes on a free.

Oh, and every single player is also two years too young. Eh, what? Yup, rather than Messi and co. taking regular post-match baths in the Fountain of Youth, EA Canada has instead ripped the statistical guts out of FIFA 11, to the extent the new game’s player ratings and ages (outside of career) are over 700 days out of whack.

I even spotted menu pics of Robin (Judas! Judas!) van Persie playing in a 2010 Gunners kit. That’s the level of effort and care that’s gone into creating a truly worthwhile, bespoke FIFA experience on Vita for the 2012/13 season.

Yet for all the shameless cut corners, this remains the finest handheld football game ever made. There’s a reason we awarded FIFA 11 a perfect ten back in OPM#50. Even now, the core passing game holds up remarkably well. Free from occasionally confused manual challenges and clumsy physics, the new PS3 game’s exciting unpredictability is replaced with less erratic, more elegant matches.

This is still an unacceptable showing, mind. The full-fat console versions have continually evolved to beat the competition through EA Canada responding to fan feedback. But in booting out such a shamelessly phoned-in product it shows a flagrant lack of faith in Vita as a format. If you own FIFA Football, there’s no way you should buy this… unless you really can’t bear to see the Arse line up minus Santi Carzola. Naughty FIFA.

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater lives again

I miss skateboarding games. Maybe I’m old ha? No, just love adrenaline and stuff. There used to be something cool about watching my custom skater pull off gravity-defying tricks on a small screen back in the boom of those EXTREME-sports games.  I guess that most of you forget about this cool games and just true fans continue to play it till today! Well, I am one of tham. If you love this game read more below.

Consisting of wooden plank with little wheels locomotion fans Morten, %gone, Quazz, Chc, Krad, Demo and Frost, the group is currently tinkering away on the engine of Tony Hawk’s Pro SKater Underground 2. So what have they done to the game?

They’ve added full proper online play, new levels, options to switch the game to PC/PS2 versions and full 1080P visuals. Dayumn. And they’re not done yet. According to Kotaku, the gang is looking to import every single Tony Hawk level into the game, a new level editor and a brand new stab at a story mode.

Sound like fun? Well if you still own the THUG2 game, then you can grab the mod for yourself here (or here). And if you like what you see, give the gang some support so that they can realise their dreams of virtual skateboarding perfection.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t played at least one Tony Hawk game in their lifetime. Those games pretty much shaped me, while making the EXTREME sport popular again. Geoff swears that THPS 2 is the best, while I’ve always had a soft spot for THPS3.

And then you had THUG, which was like falling face-first into a brand new tarmac of new game ideas. Only much less painful. That was the last really good Tony Hawk game, before the franchise went downhill with the Jackass vehicle that was THUG 2. A brief revival was thrown onto consoles last year, but it hasn’t been massively supported post-launch.

But if these guys can make skateboarding on console cool again, I’m hoping that Activision is paying notice. Because clearly someone knows what to do with the franchise.

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MechWarrior Online: A Bitter-sweet Mixture of a Great Brand & a Struggling Dev Team

Did you like this game? Some people thinks it is sucks. I think that is because this game requires traits that many humans do not have – namely intelligence, patience, and skill. A mechwarrior has these and will succeed. Once you are at that point the game is really enjoyable, and even the matches you lose are fun.If you are one of guys who have this skills and like a game, read more about in text below.

“It’s the 31st century, the battlefields of the future are dominated by huge robotic machines known as Battlemechs…”.

Battletech (Mechwarrior, Mech Commander, Mech Assault) is an old, well established franchise since the ’80s: tabletop games, novels, miniatures and video games have constantly flowed for decades. Four years ago, Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing joined together to dish out a new game for PC about Mechwarrior.

See AlsoARMA3: A Pure “Marine” Simulator for Hardcore PC Players Only

From Single Player Only to “More”

Supposed to be a single player only at start, the game concept shifted to become an “Online Multiplayer Only Free-to-Play”.

As many others of his genre, Mechwarrior Online is instance based. This means two teams of twelve players each will fight on different maps until a specific goal is reached. You can choose between 2 game modes: Assault (team deathmatch) and Conquer (capture the flag).

Despite the game went gold after one year of open beta in September 2013, other planned game modes as well as the Faction Wars (a game mode where Corps fight each other for planets control in a huge stellar map) are still on paper. To be honest even to create Corporations, or a simple lobby to organize custom matches is still on paper. Despite this, the Battletech fan base is incredibly active, and Corporations already exist in forums, personal sites, and Teamspeak channels, even if the game in actual state offers just the chance to make a 12 player company and fight with other pre-made teams chosen by random matchmaking.

I would like to thank the “Black Sun Mercenary Unit” to host me as a guest in their ranks and let me try the “12 vs. 12 premade battles” so that I could find out how strategically and tactically active all the Corps around are.


Customization Is Real Fun

Like previous Mechwarrior games the core of the fun is customizing your Mech for the battle. Unlike many other titles out there, MWO spares you from those awful tech trees to start from the bottom and grind to “unlock” better stuff. All the Mech’s chassis of the four classes available (Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault) are all at your disposal from the beginning, as well as all the weapons you can mount on them.

The “rock paper scissors” system works like a charm in the Mechwarrior universe, both for weapons and chassis. Every player can choose his/her path as well as the way he/she wants to progress; the overall feeling of freedom is great. While customizing, you have to deal with challenging choices: a big engine means more speed, more armor grants survivability (don’t forget any major section of your Mech have independent armor values, like arms, left/right/center torso, legs, and so on), ballistic weapons as well as missile launchers require ammunitions, while lasers heat up your mech way faster than other weapons requiring heat sinks to avoid the temporary shutdown of your mech by overheating.

Weight: The Supreme Rule

All of these choices are bound by one supreme rule: weight. Every mech has a limit, and overloading a mech is not possible. A wide choice of modules for targeting, sensors, ECM, antimissile, coolant (just to name some) as well as some Mech perks you get from your experience point complete the options at your disposal. This is without doubts the best aspect of this game: almost every player will end with a unique loadout that fits best, without a “must have” build or mech to stick on.


The Dark, Sad Side

Sadly, here comes the dark side: devs made some weird choices to make the game last long (to unlock every Mech perk you need to buy at least 3 different versions of the same chassis), forcing the player to grind for credits. Every single component of your mech has a cost, and that is not cheap.

A premium subscription is mandatory if you don’t want to get drawn in a series of infinite boring battles just to raise some cash. You’d think a game so deep and tactical rewards wise players managing ammo or sparing his mech from excessive beating. Wrong. The choices made by the devs about repair/rearm costs were so messed up they simply had to get rid of it. How much credits you’ll get is just a matter of win or lose, kills and kills-assist. End of story. That explains well why the game is literally engulfed with premium Mechs: the boost of premium mech plus premium account makes the grind far easier.

If you want to have fun without pain and frustration it’s better to check your credit card funds.


Graphic and Environment

What about graphic/environment? Mechs modeling is very good, with some of them amazingly designed (yes, the Catapult), the overall feeling you get back make justice to the Battletech fans. Graphic effects are ok, and to see a Mech losing one or both arms due to heavy damage is great. Apart from that, the game uses the excellent CryEngine 3 (the one for the last Crysis installment), but devs are struggling hard to try make it work: annoying textures update even at close distances, some bad texture and polygons flickering here and there, dx11 still on paper.

What doesn’t feel right at all is the interaction with the environment. You drive a 100 ton mech, you are equipped with the most powerful and fearsome weapons ever created, yet you feel like you are driving a toy in a plastic model map; the sense of scale is missing most of the time: gigantic building, gigantic trees, even bushes are huge. And everything is indestructible: walk over a car: nothing happens; shoot a building: nothing happens…lightposts, traffic signals, statues…even trees keep standing still like ghosts if you pass over (I must say through) them!

Even more, the number of maps available (most of them very well made) is quite poor and below average for a game of his genre. Maybe this is the reason devs made a “funny” choice: claiming the same exact map, with ambient lightning shifted from day to night can be called and introduced ingame as a “new” one! This sounds like a joke in times where many games have dynamic day/night cycle (look at Planetside 2!). If they lack good map designers, we could expect to see “dusk” and “dawn” version of the same bunch of maps in the future.


Same for audio compartment: in this case everything is inspired and amazingly done: stomping, weapons reloading, cracking some autocannon rounds at your enemy, lasers frigging on your armor…all is perfectly executed creating an immersive and satisfying experience. As usual, there is a downside again: sometimes a boring noisy static comes into your speaker without reason, sometimes weapons hitting you makes no sound, sometimes your mech stomps sound disappear and the voip does not seem to work at all. In this case what was done right is badly implemented.

Think about games that were built from scratch, like Mass Effect or Borderlands: creating the background, the characters, the rules, how weapons work and its balancing, the storytelling…you can stumble on anything because it’s a walk in the dark.

Guys at Piranha/IGP chose an existing brand, a well established one, stripped it away of almost everything too difficult to implement (don’t expect to find tanks, planes, infantry, bases, turrets and everything else representing the backbone of every other Mechwarrior game, nor any kind of IA like in War Thunder) and unable to do most of what’s left in a polished manner.


A Long Way to Go

We all have to thank IGP/Piranha Bytes to bring the Battletech universe back to life on our pc, but there’s a long, long way to go. The market outside is very competitive, and actually the game is just…average, probably not enough to be really competitive in the near future. Let’s hope anyway, because the gameplay is solid and tactically deep enough to offer something original and intriguing, and if devs get some decent reinforcements (more in terms of human resources than money), Mechwarrior Online can finally see the light it deserves.

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Pokemon X & Y

The latest Pokemon game is out, and it’s a wonderful news! I am so excited about it and for now I already playing like all day long! So, I decided to write a little about my, currently, favorite game. You know that feeling when you start to play some game and it became so catchy that you can not stop! If don’t , then you no nothing about Pokemon Smilie: :) Let’s fix it. I found one article about Pokemon game, very interesting, colorful and useful, so read it!


Pick your starter well


In X and Y, you have a chance to not have one, but three starter Pokémon in your party as the game progresses. Sure, they’re from different generations, but that’s besides the point. Just know that if you pick the grass-type Chespin, you’re going to be in for one hell of a difficult start, as the opening towns and cities are not friendly to grass-types.

While professor Sycamore will give you a choice of first-gen starters when you meet him later on, don’t forget to hook up to the wi-fi and grab yourself a special Torchic. That little zinger chickie comes with a piece of mega-evolution attached to him, and is well worth the effort of powering up. So choose your starters wisely, in order to create a balanced team.

Version differences


Did the store manager at your local game shop ask you why you bought two copies of the same game? Then I hope you scoffed at him. TO THE MAX. If you still need to decide which version to buy, here’s a list of Pokémon that are exclusive to each one:

Pokémon X:

  • Mega Charizard X
  • Staryu
  • Starmie
  • Pinsir
  • Mega Mewtwo X
  • Houndour
  • Houndoom
  • Poochyena
  • Mightyena
  • Aron
  • Lairon
  • Aggron
  • Sawk
  • Swirlix
  • Slurpuff
  • Clauncher
  • Clawitzer
  • Xerneas

Pokémon Y:

  • Mega Charizard Y
  • Shellder
  • Cloyster
  • Mega Mewtwo Y
  • Heracross
  • Larvitar
  • Pupitar
  • Tyranitar
  • Electrike
  • Manectric
  • Purrloin
  • Liepard
  • Throh
  • Spritzee
  • Aromatisse
  • Skrelp
  • Dragalge
  • Yveltal

Remember, when it comes to mega evolution, Y gives certain pokémon stat boosts, while X prefers to change types, such as giving Charizard X a true dragon hybrid form. Otherwise, that’s the only real difference between games. Pick whichever one you think has the best box art, and play away.

Levelling up

Early on, you’ll get the EXP Share. It’s newer, better and far more improved than previous versions. Once you have it, never turn it off, because while your main battling pokémon will receive the usual share of experience points after a battle, every single one of your pokémon in your party will get 50% of that kill total added to their growth.

What’s the catch?


For once, battling and catching pokémon is a more rewarding experience. Usually, players had to put in a ton of effort to battle a wild Pokémon to near death faint, but this time, catching a pokémon successfully will also reward you with exp. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Fossil Pokémon


It wouldn’t be a Pokémon game without some fossils making an appearance. As usual, you get to choose between two of them, the tiny T-Rex dragon Tyrunt and the graceful Amaura.

They’ve both got string final evolutions, but the trick to forcing some Darwinian change on them lies in the timing. Tyrunt will evolve from level 39 into Tyrantrum during the day, while you’ll need to train Amaura at night until level 39 if you want an Aurourus.



Trading is a big part of any Pokémon game, but I get you, you’re not ready to part with your Jigglypuff just yet. So what’s a trainer supposed to do? Simple, breed ‘em all.

The easiest way to do that, is to catch a Ditto. Thanks to its dynamic DNA and the fact that it resembles a sex toy, you can breed just about any Pokémon with a ditto, minus a few of the more stubborn ones such as legendries.

To get a Ditto though, you’re going to have to complete the main game itself, and make your way to Pokémon village after the end credits. Otherwise, import one from an older game.

Super training


It’s still early days, but it’s clear that the new super-training mode is going to have a major effect on the more competitive side of Pokémon. There used to be some major maths involved when it came down to training a Pokémon to have the right balance of EV points, but super-training short-cuts that experience for players that aren’t that familiar with the system.

Is it totally necessary though? For casual, regular players, not at all because you can still enjoy the game without even touching it. But serious Pokémon trainers are going to want to invest quite a bit of time and effort into this new feature.

Gym battles

Want to go into a gym battle prepared to counter the specific types on display there? Then here’s a chronological list of the Kalos gyms and the Pokémon types that you’ll encounter inside there:

  • Santalune City Gym: Bug-type Pokémon
  • Cyllage City Gym: Rock-type Pokémon
  • Shalour City Gym: Fighting-type Pokémon
  • Coumarine City Gym: Grass-type Pokémon
  • Lumiose City Gym: Electric and Steel-type Pokémon
  • Laverre City Gym: Fairy-type Pokémon
  • Anistar City Gym: Psychic-type Pokémon
  • Snowbell City Gym: Ice-type Pokémon

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7 unexpected features in iOS 7

iOS 7

My review of Apple’s iOS 7 went up Wednesday morning, but since then I’ve been writing posts about what I think are the seven best and seven worst things about the new mobile OS. Continue reading

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